Monday, July 17, 2017

A Christian's Hope

What is Hope? Why is it important? Where can I find it when things are hopeless? 

I looked up the word hope in the dictionary, and do you know what I found? Nine different definitions of the word. Most of us tend to think of hope as the verb; to believe, desire, or trust, or the noun the feeling that things will turn out for the best. The final definition of hope was to place trust in or to rely. I think for Christians that this one should be most accurate, but isn't. As Christians we have the ability to take our problems strait to God. The bible tells us in Hebrews 13:5 "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you," 

If we look at hope as a trust in God then it become one of the most critical pieces of being a Christian. There is more to life than just aimlessly going on waiting for something to happen; thinking about how life sucks all of the time, especially when one is a Christian. As a Christian you should be able to trust that God will take care of the future. If you trust that God loves you and is going to take care of you then the hard places in life become easier to deal with. Will it still be hard? Yes, but that's life.

No situation is ever hopeless. When you have no hope it's because you chose not to have hope. I will say that there are some places that everyone comes to where hope and sometimes faith seem lost. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try you can't seem to believe that God will work it out in the end, but life without hope sucks. I going through one of those times right now. It's hard to believe that something good comes out of it. God has a plan and sometimes we have to learn the hard way. If something in you is going to harm God's plan for your future, then he's going to do what he has to do to weed it out of you. I think that it makes God sad watching some of the things we go through. God describes himself as a father, and the hardest thing that a parent has to do is watch their children suffer. "What time I am afraid I will trust in thee," Psalms 56:3. I think the reason that trials are hard is because the outcome is important to us and we fear how thing will end. After all it wouldn't be a trial if it wasn't important to us, it would just be more annoying drama. We don't have to be afraid of what's going to happen we can trust that God will take care of us.

We all face trials in our lives and sometimes things just seem hopeless. We do have an  advantage over life; we have Jesus. Jesus is a Christian's hope, and even when you can't feel it he is always there for us. 

Until Next Time,