Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Setting an Example

Setting an example should be one the MOST important roles in our lives as Christians.

Although I know it can be hard living in the world we are in, temptations are in every corner, and when we do fall to them we need turn to God and ask him for his mercy and grace once more.
I have a story, a rather embarrassing story on my part, that goes along to the theme of this writing. It was the first semester of Freshman year and I was still getting used to the school and new people in my class. I was warned of a boy (we'll call this guy Bill) in our class who had a reputation of doing bad things and was said to hate Christians. Bill was scary, tall, wore dark clothes and had shoulder length hair and wore what looked like satanic shirts to me (but were actually just really weird and scary looking heavy metal band T-shirts.) He had just recently told me and my sisters that he hated us after I had invited him to join us in the devotions we had just started at the school. So Bill did NOT like me AT ALL.

It was just after first period and people were crowding the hallways and moving on to their next class. I recognized the back of my sister Kenzie, heading to English class, and pushed through the throng of people to get to her. Once behind her I asked. "Hey Kenzie, how's the first day going?" and patted her back.

But when she turned around my heart dropped to my stomach. It was NOT Kenzie... IT WAS BILL!!! Mortified I quickly apologized for my mistake. "Sorry! I thought you were my sister." I said and ran off to my class, not even bothering to look at the reaction on his face.
I couldn't approach him for MONTHS and really didn't want to untill our world history teacher paired us together for a project. We became more acquainted with each other and since I knew he was an atheist and didn't take to the idea of Christianity, I tried in subtle ways to approach the topic.

Two years later and I'm still trying to make a difference in Bill's life, I haven't noticed any improvement but hopefully that will soon change. Living the Christian life in front of Bill is the best thing I can do right now and maybe God will offer the opportunity again for me to talk to him.

Living the Christian life should be a very important aspect in what Christians do, although it is hard its not impossible.


"Some people will never come to church, listen to a preacher or read a Bible. They're reading your life and watching how you live. Be the light God called you to be!" - Anonymous