Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Birthday

Everyone loves a good birthday party. 

I bet we all have that dream party that we're just waiting to have. What does yours look like? Is it fancy or laid back? Is it loud or quiet? Just a few people or everyone you know?

If you're wondering why we're talking about birthdays, don't worry it's not completely random. It is my birthday, February 9th.  I think you would be surprised however to find out the year. 2016. No. That's not a typo. My birthday is February 9, 2016. 

Is that the day I was physically born? No. What it is though, is my spiritual birthday. 

What are we celebrating, when we have a birthday party? Congratulations. You didn't die this year. A spiritual birthday is a much better reason to celebrate. I have now officially known the Lord for however many years it is for you. 

I am excited because for  me the answer is that I have now officially known the Lord for one whole year. Isn't that great. I was the kid who grew up in church. I've been going to the same church for 14 years now. Exactly one year ago something changed. We had a guest speaker talking about how you know you're saved. That's when it hit me- I didn't know.  Yes I knew all about Jesus, but I didn't know Jesus. I know it was real because I am not really an emotional person, but that was an emotional night for me. I brought my best friend down to the alter with me because I didn't want to go down alone, and the pastor did say if you were embarrassed or afraid to come alone bring the person  standing next to you. I was a little embarrassed and afraid that my best fiend would laugh at me because she thought that I was already saved or because I am a normally fearless person. She didn't and it ended up being the best day of my life. Jesus was there and I knew he always would be. If there ever was a marshmallow teddy bear that's what the embrace of the Lord would feel like. Comforting like a teddy bear. Soft like a marshmallow and warm.

I remember getting teary eyed telling the story to my friends and family. Don't tell anyone, but even a little bit now. 

Next time you need an excuse for some joy don't forget that knowing Jesus is the best reason we have to party.

Until Next Time,