Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meet Meg

Hey my name is Meghan and some of the things I enjoy include...having incredibly ridiculous conversation with my best friend Kielah, and playing volleyball with my girls. I also like doing my crazy homework at my favorite coffee shop. I'm 14 going on 15, and still don't have my permit...o well I'll get there eventually. My dream is to go to New York and see my favorite Broadway musicals with my bff Kielah. And of corse eat all kinds of cool food.

This is my very first experience blogging so excuse any spelling mistakes or error in punctuation ­čśä

I've always had some biblical opinions on things, but never actually had an outlet to plug them into, so I think this blog is an amazing opportunity for me. Funny story actually, my kindergarten teacher invited me to do this, by email. It's funny we're still in each others lives after almost ten years. That's why I think the church is so important. Being involved in a good Godly bible teaching church with influential people in it. When you have Godly mentors in your life it changes your world. It makes decisions easier. Its kinda like a map,
     it's optional you don't have to listen to a map you can turn your car wherever you want. But it's pointing you the right way. Toward where you need to go. I've had ups and downs in my walk with christ, and having Godly mentors to point me in the right direction, has been a MAJOR help. And being "involved" doesn't mean sitting in the auditorium hoping some great person will come and influence your life, no. Go to youth group! Or a Sunday school class. Be a help in the nursery. There's lots! And it's so much fun.
Lots of love