Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life Lessons

Life Lessons
Here are some of the life lessons I have learned through experiences, just something fun that I thought would also be helpful. Some are funny, others are heartfelt.
If I want to have a fun night, I MUST do my chores without being asked!
God really has given everyone spiritual gifts.
Power tools make life easier, but using strength makes you stronger
A man who can fix anything and everything, is a blessing
God wants me to understand how much He loves me.
Even though I dont have a boyfriend, doesnt mean I dont have friends.
God doesnt answer prayers immediately, but He does answer them, if it aligns with His will.
Being able to flush toilet paper is something Ive become accustomed to and realize others dont have such a luxury.
Friendships can form at the most unexpected moments.
Being alone is a fear/worry of mine, not just romantically but being without my best friend.
God uses such hindrances in my life to draw me closer to Him
Working hard pays off!
Being a friend to everyone, no matter if theres history or theyre a stranger, is a Spiritual Gift from the Lord.
Everyone has a purpose in Gods eyes
God can heal a heartbreak.
That I need lots of ketchup for my double cheeseburgers.
Which places are the best for nice crispy fries
Having such an awesome job with my best friend.
Taking pictures is my way to treasure my memories.
My family cant handle Giant Schnauzers
Praying very specifically is a great way to see Gods power!
Knowing verses has helped me fight against Satans attacks.
Family isnt always blood related.
Church family is what I need in my life, and God knew that, because my ABT Church family is a huge blessing!
Creativity can go along ways while serving.
Serving is what I love to do especially in the kids ministry.
Bringing my phone charger to work was something I cant believe havent done before!
There is actually a Baby Season within my church
Working with pastors every day has given me many great laughs!
Sitting up is more proper, rather than slouching.
My long fingers come in handy when playing guitar or piano.
Safety pins make a great back up if you have no bobby pins. (not the safest, but you gotta do, what you gotta do when in Guatemala)
Having a little brother doesnt mean he will stay little!
Doing my short hair is actually harder than styling my longer hair.
I like the change with short hair but
I shouldnt have cut my long hair
Being the oldest makes you grow up faster.
Being the oldest means you get the car first!
Reading helps improve your communication skills.
The native hospital doctors dont all share the same opinion.
Going 18 years with not a hint of sinus problems, was a huge BLESSING!
Working out in front of people isnt as bad as it seems. (unless there is cute guys)
It is possible to lose weight!
There is literally not one perfect person, not even the pastors. We all have a testimony
Eating healthy is hard, when Carls Jr. is right down the street
My dads computer knowledge has been passed down to me and is actually useful
College decisions are hard when you dont know where God is calling you.
Music is a huge influence!
Taking notes in my Bible is so much fun
When you wear a facial mask, maybe the whole family will join in. Like mine did
The overall lesson is that God can, will, and has used anything and everything to His good will. All these life lessons are part of my testimony for the Lord, He brought trials in my life to see Him as more than a High God but my heavenly Father, my big brother, my greatest friend! God is everything I need and I hope to give glory to Him in everything I do.
1 Corinthians 7:23
For God paid a high price for you, don't be enslaved to this world.