Friday, February 12, 2016

What's My Reason

What's My Reason?

How do you decide what activities you will engage in? When you’re going to church, what friends you’re going to hang with. If you’re without friends would you still engage in youth group, mission trips, and serving? I have lived with these questions all my life and just a couple years ago I came to the point when I got saved, where I was able to decipher my heart's wants and desires.

Humanity has come to the point where we are supposed to do everything everyone else is doing, and if we don’t do so then we are seen as different, weird, and not ‘in with the trends’. Before I became a follower of Jesus, my young-self dreaded going to church, but not to the point where I missed behaved or acted like a “bad” kid. However, the fact that I wasn’t going to church glorify the Lord is where I was going wrong. I found it hard to listen and truly apply the sermons to my own life. Now, don’t get me wrong, all these things progress with age, getting older and experiencing life helps open your life and perspective of scripture.

I could go on about all things that I did that justified me not truly loving Jesus, however what matters is what I do now that shows I love Christ! I very much enjoy going to church, to praise and listen, teaching my Sunday school class even though most of the time that ministry presents its own challenges…considering they are 4 years old. Despite the challenges I face in serving, I feel happy and at peace when I attend church.

I haven't gone to another church service in all my time living in Anchorage, however, this past Christmas my family attended another local church's Christmas Eve service before our regular Christmas Eve service we attend every year at my home church. What a blessing…TWO candlelight services in one evening!  I felt at home there as well. Just as Christ says ‘the body of the church is the believers’, we can make every place we are a “home”, that is what should be so warming about Christians; we should be able to make a coffee shop home, a train station a home, an airport a home, we can make our home a home for people.

The life of a Christian is narrow, and living in such a way where we are to not need or want anything of this world, although seems impossible, taking these next few steps everyday are daily tasks followers include: asking for God’s help, sometimes failing, then repent and repeat. In writing this I pray for clarity and that you can come to realize that bringing glory to God is of upmost importance when making decisions as to who you spend time with and your motive for attending church.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey guys!!

This is Mikayla. A couple months ago my family and I was digging potatoes (AKA taters in our slang). As I was picking up taters and wiping the dirt and muck off of them, I thought, "This is what God does to us sinners." He picks us up from the deepest darkest depths of sin and wipes us all clean. When you think you have nowhere to go, call upon the One who can pick you up, wipe off all of that sin and put us on the right path we need to be.

I know its kinda short, but that's all God put on my heart so until next time.....Type ya later!!!!