Monday, October 26, 2015


"Why God, why would God cause this in my life!? Im not gonna believe in you anymore!"   Yes this really happened to a girl I attend school with who lost her father due to a unfortunate car accident at a very young age. She did indeed tell me this and did exactly that, stopped believing.  I asked her saying "How can you stop believing so quickly and just give up?" to which she replied "I don't believe in a God who takes away people's lives"  I couldn't reply, for what she had said truly gotten ahold of me. Why do we believe in a God who really takes people's lives?   Now, I can give a description of a perfect god to man, he would always get me what I want and let me say anything I want, at anytime I want to, but that's exactly what the problem is: "I".  I is a very strong word, when you think of it, you think of "me" this is "my" writing after all. You think of what you have accomplished and you say, "Hey! This is what I have done, look what I have achieved".  With the letter "I" comes selfishness and pride, with enough of it eventually becomes inconsiderate and greediness.  Aren't you glad that our God has no trace of selfishness or greed in his being?  Aren't you glad that He is God not just some "Convenient" one, He doesn't have to adjust to our needs, we have to adjust to His.  So ask yourself, "Are you adjusted to Gods standards?"

Mckenzie Street